Yoga for children & young people

Yoga practice has many benefits for children & young people. I offer classes and workshops for children and young people of all ages from 2½ upwards. I am also happy to offer Yoga to children through schools, pre-schools, youth groups and home education groups. 
Benefits of Yoga for children


See this blog post for information about the benefits of Yoga for children.

Children's Yoga 1-1/small family group sessions

I can provide Yoga sessions in your home for one or more children. Get in touch if you are interested in discussing this for your child or children.



Yoga classes for children aged 3-4 years old 

Kids Yoga club

Yoga classes for children aged 5-12


At present I have no Yogalulus or Kids Yoga club running. Watch this space for new classes in Frome and Bradford on Avon/Trowbridge. 

Yoga in schools, pre-schools and for home education groups


I can offer Yoga classes in a school, pre-school or home education group setting. These can be tailored to the needs of the children in your setting and to fit with the curriculum. Get in touch with me to discuss further.

For an example please see this testimonial from a pre-school where I have done regular sessions through the academic year.

After school clubs


I can offer Yoga as an after school club. Get in touch if you are interested in organising after school Yoga at your school.

Children's Yoga workshops


I can offer yoga workshops as part of holiday play-schemes and clubs, youth clubs and groups. Get in touch if you would like to discuss putting on a Yoga workshop for your group.

Ready for Yogalulus class at the Hubnub Centre