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Testimonial from a pre-school

" Lucia has been regularly coming to preschool and leading yoga sessions for this academic year. These sessions are most enjoyable, for the children and staff alike, and it is wonderful to see the excitement on the children’s faces when they are told it’s yoga! 

Lucia has such a calming presence, which all children respond to well, enabling them to access this activity fully. Staff and parents have commented on the children’s development, in particular with being aware of their movements, and taking time to control and be aware of their bodies. Yoga moves are observed being done by children independently in their play, which is just lovely! 

Lucia always plans such a well thought out plan for the session, allowing opportunities for the children to explore the moves and have time to rest and relax their body. She is reflective and mindful of the children’s independent abilities, tailoring the sessions perfectly to account for these. She follows the settings topic of the term, making the connections with other areas of learning beautifully.. "

(Photos provided by the pre-school with full consent for all children shown)

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