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Clearlight Yoga for children, young people and adults with Lucia Moat, offering Yoga classes, workshops and sessions in West Wiltshire, Somerset & Bath.

Why Clearlight Yoga? Clear light is another term for luminosity, the Tibetan Buddhist concept of consciously entering a deep sleep state, which can also be described as Yoga nidra, or Yoga relaxation - a state of consciousness between sleeping and waking.

Yoga is not just about poses or asana and their benefits for flexibility and physical health, although these are real. It is also about the mental/emotional benefits that follow from tuning in to our own bodies and the breathing work (Pranayama) and Yoga nidra or relaxation which follow the asana work helping us to de-stress and achieve calm.

I have been practicing Yoga since 1998 and experienced these benefits in my own life. I want to share my love of Yoga with you and hope that you too will experience these benefits and embark on your own Yoga journey.


I am passionate about working with children, which I have done since 1987. I am very excited now to bring this passion together with my love of Yoga to develop safe, fun and engaging ways for children to experience the benefits of Yoga from a young age, hopefully starting a life-long Yoga journey of their own.

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